Machine Common Sense

The Machine Common Sense (MCS) program seeks to address the challenge of machine common sense by pursuing two broad strategies. Both envision machine common sense as a computational service, or as machine commonsense services. The first strategy aims to create a service that learns from experience, like a child, to construct computational models that mimic the core domains of child cognition for objects (intuitive physics), agents (intentional actors), and places (spatial navigation). The second strategy seeks to develop a service that learns from reading the Web, like a research librarian, to construct a commonsense knowledge repository capable of answering natural language and image-based questions about commonsense phenomena.

Project Overview and Background

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Violation of expectation examples using IntPhys (
Classic IntPhys Example
Stationary occluder with a mobile observer
Occluder drops from top of scene with constant velocity
Occluder falls from top of scene with physics enabled